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Envision Market Services provides a cost-effective way to build a robust agent network in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand.

The "Shampoo" Theory

Expanding your agent network is an efficient way to improve your Marketing ROI.

Most schools work with only a handful of agencies, which is fewer than 15 based on our survey, which means your market penetration is less than 5%.

Promoting your program among all the other similar providers is like selling shampoo in a super market; it's all about shelf space.

Having your program “carried” by many agencies will also improve your program recognition in a market.

By providing an agent with better information, he/she will more likely promote your program. 


Less than 1% of the agents will attend international agent workshops; moreover, agents are difficult to identify from abroad.

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There's another website dedicated for agent workshops (B2B Marketing) at www.agentworkshopasia.com