Social Media Marketing

"The age of spending tons of money on traditional media is over.

As consumers shift their attention to online and social media, your marketing budget should follow the same trend."

It's clear that leveraging the power of social media is the most effective way to communicate with your audience. We know where students go look for information about studying abroad, and we will make sure your program information will be placed in the right channels in each local market.




•Highest Facebook penetration rate worldwide: 82%

•82.3 % population are internet users

•97.4 % of internet users having used mobile or wireless Internet


•64,000,000 Facebook users, ranked 7th worldwide

•67% of the 93 M population are internet users, among which 94% use it daily

•Facebook is the top one used social media, followed by Google+ and Skype.



•The third mostly used social media in Taiwan

•Penetration rate at 71%, following Facebook and Youtube.

•18,000,000 users, i.e. 7.6 out 10 people uses Line, No. 1 penetration worldwide

•Demographic: 15-19 yr: 9%, 20-29 yr: 20%, 30-39 yr: 27%, 40-49: yr 22%, 50-59: yr 19%

Line @ account set-up and maintanance


  • Facebook Fanpage set-up, driving the number of fans, interaction with fans, and maintenance

  • Strategy and execution of Facebook advertisement

  • Line @ account set-up, driving the number of members, interaction with members, and maintenance

Case Study

Our local knowledge gives us an advantage to select the most effective media for your ads.

We also offer search advertising campaign as well as other online or offline local media buy.

    • Keywords in local language(s)

    • Developing adcopy & visual content

    • Keeping track of campaign metrics.

    • Providing media buy portfolio strategy and execution.

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