The Ministry of Education (MOE) released the latest study abroad data from Taiwan.

Post date: Aug 17, 2015 9:37:48 AM

l Overall, the number of Taiwanese students studying abroad grew 2.1%

l US continues to be the most popular destination with 21,266 students (the data combines both F-1 & J-1 holders).

l Canada, Australia and Japan experienced strong YoY growth, with 32.2%, 24.6% and 14.7% growth respectively.


l Taiwan is still a very strong market for study abroad if you measure it on a per capita basis. However, what the data is showing us is that Taiwanese today are considering a broader range of options than just US, UK & Australia.

l We feel that the increase in student enrollment to Canada, Australia and Japan is the direct result of the working holiday program between these countries and Taiwan. The data shows a “spillover” effect from the working holiday scheme. Students tend to go over to these countries through the Working Holiday scheme, then they decide that they would like to stay there a bit longer and some of them stay on to pursue more education and eventually, the students may eventually choose to immigrate there.

l The implication of these trends is that it is becoming more challenging for schools to recruit these students as many of these students are bypassing agents entirely.

Source: Ministry of Education, Analysis & Translation provided by EnvisionRecruit