Tips for Asia Recruitment- Takeaways from SEVP numbers:

Post date: Jun 17, 2014 10:19:53 AM

Tips for Asia Recruitment- Takeaways from SEVP numbers:

From October 2013, the records of SEVIS numbers for active non immigrant students, exchange visitors and their dependent has decreased 2.4%. Nevertheless on January 2014, this quarter statistical summery data just informed that : "China contributes the 29% of the non immigrant students in the states" and about 740,520 student come from all over Asia".

The summery also shows that " CA, NY, TX, MA, FL, IL and PA host 54% of all active non immigrants students". Numbers reveled that Business related degrees continue to be the most popular, followed by Engineering".


-- More international students in Asia than originally thought as OpenDoors’ annual report is a survey but SEVIS is data from actual visa #s

-- Asia is by FAR the biggest market

-- Vietnam is bigger than originally thought

-- China, excluding rest of Asia, is bigger than the Rest of the World

SEVIS Full Report