HR Networking Session Overview

Post date: Sep 24, 2014 3:52:46 AM

This September 5th in Taipei,The MBA Tour and EnvisionRecruit hosted an HR Networking Session in which MBA admission committees and companies connected. In this event provides the opportunity for companies to meet up with top talents who are looking for better career options and also help schools overseas to better prepare their students for the post-grad job market.

The opening talk was by MR. Mark Hsu founder of EnvisionRecruit sharing about Taiwan MBA market, including post Job market for MBAs and emerging business trends and so.Followed by a rounded table where universities and companies had the chance to exchange information.

Here a quick overview:

MBA Market:

    • Still punches above its weight

    • Demographic issue/low fertility rate

    • Hyphenated Taiwanese, e.g. Taiwanese-Canadian/Taiwanese-American

    • Still very US Centric, though has improved over the last 7 to 8 years

Job Market for MBAs:

    • Challenging

    • SMEs & Manufacturing based

    • Scaling down of MNCs

    • To get “global salary”—must work abroad, e.g. US, North America, China, HK, Singapore

Emerging Business Trends/Issues:

    • 小確幸 ( Small Fortune) Content with little

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Succession Issues

    • Return of Taiwan Expats to China

    • Emergence of ASEAN/Recognition or Realization that China is not the only path