2012 Study Abroad Trend-Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam

Post date: Jul 15, 2013 6:19:48 AM

This below study shows the number of high school graduates in 2012 versus the undergrad enrollment rate locally in Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam.

Taiwan study abroad focus destination countries.

Enrollment Rates-Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam

Taiwan has the smallest population among Thailand & Vietnam. With 163 Higher Education institutions of higher education offering 217,799 enrollment seats every year marking the highest enrollment rate among the three countries with 68% enrollment rate in 2012.


Standing in the middle, Thailand has more than 360,000 high school graduates per year. However, in Thailand, the enrollment rate was only 32% in 2012 which means 250,000+ high school graduates would have to study abroad if they want to pursue higher education.


Meanwhile,in Vietnam the current education system is also unable to meet the demand for higher education locally. In 2012, there were 362,005 enrollment seats in 376 universities. However, there were 918,403 candidates joining the college entrance exam, resulting in a 39% enrollment rate. Low but not uncommon for developing countries.

On the right, As a mature market, Taiwan has more than 57,000 students going abroad each year for degree; exchange; working holiday and language programs. Top five choices are: US, Australia, Japan, UK & Canada.


Thailand has more than 60,000 students who are pursuing their study program oversea with scholarship from top five countries: Australia, US, China, Inda & UK.


In Vietnam, approximately 20% of high school graduates intending to study abroad every year. Right now, there are over 100,000 Vietnamese students studying in over 50 countries and territories. Top five are: Australia, US, China, Singapore & UK.

Thailand study abroad focus destination countries.

Vietnam study abroad focus destination countries.