Branding and Advertising                             

Brand is what differentiates a school from it's competitors and makes it stand out.  

We have worked with many media agencies to create and  help develop: 

  • Compelling story about your brand and set you apart from your competitors. 
  •  Unique selling points for each school/program.
 Advertorial provides in-depth information adds credibility to your brand.

Taiwan Medical Journal (TMJ)—The #1 publication for physicians in Taiwan

TMJ is published by the Taiwan Medical Association, a non-profit organization     comprised of practicing & licensed physicians
  • Monthly publication/Circulation: 42,000 copies
  • Physician families highly value their children’s education
  • Surveys indicate that nearly 50% of physician children study abroad

       Who should advertise in TMJ:

Boarding Schools
Undergraduate Programs
Summer Programs
Specialty Medical Programs
Executive Education Providers (EMBA/executive training)


Global Views Monthly is the most popular monthly magazine among young professionals, aged 25 to 35 in Taiwan. Every September it publishes a special issue for graduate programs. The actual shelf life is twelve month and it's the only graduate program guidebook in Taiwan for prospective students.

Our Publications

  • Our US 2 Year College Guidebook will maximize your program’s exposure in Taiwan.

We have developed the most comprehensive 2 Year College Handbook catering to agents, school counselors, students and parents. 

This handbook will be passed out freely to local target audience in Taiwan. Each year we print two editions.

Via marketing channels that penetrates the market effectively.

  • 8000 Copies-Want Want College Fair, the highest trafficked fair in Taiwan

  • 500 Copies-Local High School Counselors & Teachers

  • 300 Copies-Education Agents & Consultants

  • 1200 Copies-Fairs, Expos (1000) & local Test Centers (200)

  • 4 Year College/University Handbook

 4 Year College/University Handbook catering to the agents, school counselors, students and parents. This handbook will be given out free of charge to the local target audience in Taiwan. Each year will print two editions, 10.000 copies/edition/academic years.

4-Year University Handbook