Branding and Advertising
With over 20 years of experience in education industry in Asia and our local marketing insights, 
we help you polish your brand and refine your message to the right target. 

Online Lead Generation

We believe that online marketing is generally under-invested in by schools, but we feel this is an important part of student recruitment because is a relatively inexpensive way to build a brand,
b.Taiwanese are very tech-savvy and a significant number of students prefer to apply to a school directly, and
c.Taiwanese students are not hampered by student visa issues, which makes direct enrollment a significantly higher proportion of enrollments versus other peer countries.

Online/ Offline Media Buy
We provide you the media buy portfolio based on your campaign goal and budget as well as localization of adcopy and design, and coordination. 

Sample Media-buy (from left to right)
  • Advertorial in a Taiwan newspaper
  • Advertorial in the most popular business magazine in Taiwan 
  • Online media buy in Vietnam
envisionrecruit media buyenvisionrecruit media buyenvisionrecruit media buy

Our Publications
  • US 2-Year College Guidebook 
We have developed the most comprehensive 2 Year College Handbook catering to agents, school counselors, students and parents. 

This handbook will be passed out freely to local target audience in Taiwan. Each year we print two editions.

Distribution channels that penetrates the market effectively.
    • 8000 Copies-Want Want College Fair, the highest trafficked fair in Taiwan
    • 500 Copies-Local High School Counselors & Teachers
    • 300 Copies-Education Agents & Consultants
    • 1200 Copies-Fairs, Expos (1000) & local Test Centers (200)
  • 4 Year College/University Handbook

4 Year College/University Handbook catering to the agents, school counselors, students and parents. This handbook will be given out free of charge to the local target audience in Taiwan. Each year will print two editions, 10.000 copies/edition/academic years.